Monday, 16 September 2013

Why University is Better Than College?

Advantages Of University
Advantages Of University Over College
Most of the high school seniors are thinking about joining college for their graduation or diploma courses. These days, there are many colleges and universities which are providing education to the students. So, students have a lot of options when going to college. But you might stick at the point when it comes to choosing a College or University. Then some of you might think small college, small university or large college or university. While some others might be thinking that size don’t even matter.
Well, the size of the university or college actually matters. And it also matters if you did your bachelor or master degree from a college or university. Universities naturally possess more trust and authority when it comes to education. Although, both small and big colleges and universities have their own pros and cons. But here, in this article, we will be talking only about the advantages of University over a college and why you should join a university instead of joining some college.
Following are some main reasons to go for University instead of college:

  • Authority and Trust: It is obvious that Universities tends to have more authority and trust in education. If you did some course or degree in a university then your chances of getting placed at some great job are more than a person or student who did his course or degree from some college. University naturally got more reputation to its name so do you get that reputation. As you will be a part of that university. There can be many reasons for that. One of the main reasons is that in University, there are lots of projects and researches going on which keeps university’s name on top in the news, so it becomes more recognizable name.
  • Variety of Courses: Due to its large size, In University you will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to choosing a subject or major for your degree. Thus universities possess a variety of courses which enables you to choose any topic of your interest for your degree. You can choose any subject or niche according to your interest such as Engineering, Medical and Management etc. While in college, you are limited to a number of courses.
  • Class Size and Self Improvement: In Universities, the size of classes are much larger than the size of classes in colleges. The number of students in a class is always greater in universities. The colleges possess very small volume per class.As there are more number of students in the university, so you get the chance to live and communicate with variety of people which very helpful for self-improvement. In universities, there are number of students from different countries and nations thus you also got an opportunity to learn about the lives of people from other countries and you also learn about other religions. This greatly improves your personality and also helps in your communication skills. You will be able to kill your fear as you will have to speak and behave in front of a large audience.
  • Good Infrastructures: In university, the infrastructure is more in quantity thus every student gets access to the instruments which enable everyone to learn to use these things in a better way. There also better facilities in other ways such as large amount of books on each subject or topic in library and facility of Computer Labs, Internet connection.
  • Better Staff: It does not possess that much weight but it does at least. The colleges often don’t have that much and that much qualified staff for students while in universities the number of faculty and the quality and experience is also better in university.

These are some advantages of Universities as compared to colleges. Although. There will be some more pros and merits of Universities over colleges but I have mentioned these main advantages only. If you have any tip to share or question to ask then you should ask it via comments.

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