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TOEFL Exam Tips For International College Students

TOEFL Test Tips For Students
TOEFL Test Tips For Students
If you are an international student who wants to study abroad then you will have to take some language proficiency test before you can apply for any college or university. Tests like IELTS and TOEFL are some of those English Language Proficiency tests which enable you to study in some other country in Best Colleges and Universities of the world.
IELTS is a very famous Test program that most students take but sometimes according the country guidelines and the conditions of college or university of your desire, you have to take TOEFL test to prove your English language skills. Before you go to take this test, here are some tips and guidelines that I collected from some International Students who have taken this TOEFL test and scored really good in it. So take a look at those tips and you may get some benefit from them.

Tips For College Students to Perform Better in TOEFL:

Understand the Test: Before you read anything else and go deeper into anything, first of all make sure that you have required information about the test itself. Browse the official website of TOEFL test and read all the information about the test to clear your doubts and to have a full understanding of the test. When you have basic idea of the test then you will have to go deeper into the test structure. For this, you can buy some books on TOEFL test or you can just search and find some sample tests online. Either way, browse through some sample tests to have a better understanding of the structure of test. Know the style of the test and make yourself familiar with it.
Take Some Sample Tests: This one may sound a little bit dumb to some people but I think it will really help you a lot. Because after taking some sample tests you will know where do you stand? You will know your current English Languages skills and then you can work to improve them. Otherwise, you may have some misconceptions about your specific skills like reading, writing or listening. Because when I was going to give the test, I had this misconception that I am good at speaking, while the results were totally the opposite. So, before believing in any of your skills, please first make sure that the test structure or style is accordingly. Because sometimes, you may have good speaking skills in Britain style but what if the interviewer will be from America or India? They will probably not going to say that you are good because for them you are not really so good. So, get to know that what kind of speaking or writing style is believed to be good in the test.
Practice on your Weaknesses: That was the whole idea of taking some sample tests before preparing or joining any institution. Now that you know in which fields of language you lack and you can work on these specific skills to improve yourself. In this way, you will be on your way to the improvement. The best way to improve any skills is by practicing. You should practice as much as you can and the results will surely come.
Get Some Help From College Teachers/Friends and Relatives: No matter on which side of earth you are living currently, chances are that you most probably have some friends or someone in your relatives who already taken the test and scored some good points. You should ask them for help. That will surely help you a lot because that advice will be coming from someone’s experience which he or she experienced in almost same situations as you. So, if you know someone in your friends circle or someone in your relatives, then don’t hesitate to ask him/her for help. If you are in your last days of some college or school then you can also ask for advice from councilors and staff in your college. You can seek some advice from teachers and professors of subjects or courses like English, Communication Skills or any general education courses like that. They might help you a lot or maybe they can suggest someone who can help you to get better scores in your TOEFL Test.
Those are some tips for scoring high in TOEFL. The main thing is just do practice on your weak skills and be confident and stress free on the day of test and that is all that you need to succeed in TOEFL.
Following are Some Videos that might be helpful for you new students who wanted to know more about TOEFL and TOEFL Preparation

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Steps to Choose Best Engineering College

Best Engineering College
Steps To Choose Best Engineering College
Students mostly get frustrated when it comes to choosing a good college for them. Well, choosing a good college for you is a very time daunting task. So getting frustrated from it is totally natural. The number of engineering colleges is increasing day by day. Now, there are many new Engineering Colleges in Jalandhar, thus there are many new colleges being opened in the cities also. Only in Jalandhar city, there are many Engineering colleges who provide good engineering education to students and have good faculty and staff.
Students, who are interested in doing their higher studies in some good colleges, are required to do some work on their own, in order to choose best engineering college for them. The students who are coming from high schools may find the college a little bit strange. But as they are coming from schools, it is totally natural to have that kind of emotions and assumptions about college and college life. Here, we will help you find the best college in your locality and in the stream of your interest. Please note that each college has its own rules and regulations so be cautious about that.
For students who can do the work on their own can use internet to find the best engineering college for them, while the students who are afraid to do that much stuff or who do not want their hands get dirty in the process, can read this step by step guide to choosing a best college for their course of Engineering. So, let’s start the process. Following are the tips and steps to find the best college for you.

Step 1: Make The List Of Colleges
Your first step should be to make a list of the colleges who provides education in engineering or in specific stream of engineering according to your interest. The list can be made by doing a Google search on the stream name in your locality. You can insert the names of the colleges that you think would be good for your study. These colleges may be colleges in your locality or may be some international colleges. Choice is totally yours.

Step2: Go Pay A Visit
Now you have some colleges in your mind that you are interested in applying. Now your second step should be to pay a visit to each of them and then collect some practical details and data about these colleges. Try to meet some of the lecturers or students there and ask them about the study and life at college. Also clear your doubts about the stream and colleges if you have any. Ask about the fee criteria and some other financial details such as scholarships etc. Go and check out classrooms and labs. If you are going to live in some hostel or other type of accommodation then also pay a visit to hostel and ask the hostel warden details about the hostel fee and other things. Go and checkout rooms of the hostel, also do not forget to check the meals if hostel provides them. Ask about any restrictions, such as entry or leaving time limits etc.

Step 3: Note Down The Advantages Offered By Each College
Now you have some information about the practical life in the colleges. You met the staff of the college and asked all the required details such as fee criteria and all that kind of stuff. Now you can make the list of advantages offered by each college. Yes! Every college offers their own merits. Some college may be near your house, other may cost you less and some may have the good environment. There are many things to be considered before making a final choice. Choose colleges according to your requirements. Such as if your goal of joining a college is to get a job then you should join a college where there were large number of students placed last year. If your goal is to enjoy college life then you should choose the one where there are less restrictions. So the choice varies according to your requirements. After making sure what you want, make a list of 3 colleges and set their priority according to the quality of your specific need.

Step 4: Now Apply For It
At last, you will end up having the names of 3 colleges where your needs are best fulfilled. Now you should apply for all of them and do your best to get a seat in the college of your highest priority. I hope you will succeed at this but if unfortunately you are failed to get a seat in your highest priority college then you will have the option to go to your second or third choice.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Importance Of Social Life in College

Social Life in College
Importance Of Social Life in College
When studying in College, the moments of fun and enjoyment and time that you spend with your friends will be your unforgettable moments. No one likes to remember their days of college where all are studying just sitting in the class. The moments of fun and socializing are more remarkable than study and class time.
But as of now, the students are over-whelmed with the syllabus and books so that they do not find free time to spend with their friends and to socialize with others. Most of the students do not feel even need of it as they think of this as a time wasting task and they always keep focusing on their studies and other daily schedules.
While the study and other extra-curricular activities such as sports, dancing and singing are important and have their effects on your future, the social life is also important. The importance of study and other tasks is not that much that you should start spending your whole time on them and do not even thinks about this very important part of our life. There is also no doubt that nowadays, students and youth find themselves attracted to technology and gadgets and they use to spend most of their time on their smartphones and computers instead cheering with each other.
Most of the Universities suggested that socializing with others gives some relaxation to the student which is necessary to carry on their studies and career. If students will start minimizing the need of friends and society then there mind will be over whelmed with study and they cannot even focus on their studies. Thus there will not be overall development of the students.
Thus Socializing and spending time with friends is very important, no matter in which field you are studying or what your major is. Here I have compiled some reasons or advantages of managing a good social life in your college time.
Relaxes Your Mind:
Socializing with relaxes your mind and thus fresh up your system. In this way you will be ready to join next class and understand the next lecture. Your whole data will be refreshed and you will feel some freshness inside you.
Improves Your Skills:
We all know that most of the students are studying in some specific course for the Job.  And we all know that skills such as Communication Skills, Leadership Skills and Team working Skills are the most important skills to have when going for a job in the industry. The social time provides us just that. When spending time with friends, we learn to communicate effectively with each other, there are many cases when someone need our help or we need to do some stuff together, this enhances our team working skills and sometimes we need to lead our group of friends which helps us in Leadership Skills. Thus it helps us to learn some great skills without even realization.
Increases Confidence:
When speaking in front of our group or friends, we increase our confidence. Thus it helps us to make a good self-confidence which is really helpful in future.
Enhances Our Thinking Level:
When socializing with others in the college, we meet some new friends, some strangers and some foreigners from other countries. When spending time with them, we learn about their culture and thus our level of thinking goes up higher. This enables us to think on a wider base than just our locality.
Here is a Video about managing Social Life in College, i hope you will like it.

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Tips For Parents From Teachers

Tips For Parents From Teachers
From the ancient times, we have been giving a great respect to the teacher or Guru. We have passed the respect to such an extent that we also give our children to them and trust on them to make our children a good citizen of the country. Teachers are the one who make a Kid able to get Admission in Best Colleges when it comes to higher studies. But there also been some controversy between teachers and parents. Parents sometimes report that their children are not treated well by the teachers. Or the teacher is threatening their children.
Well, it may be true sometimes, but not always. There are some teachers who still treats their students as their own sons and are willing to provide them with the best education and knowledge possible. But as we know that only a teacher cannot make a student better or worse, it is also some responsibility and part of the parents in the life of a student. So, here are some tips that teachers suggest parents to perform. Parents should follow these tips in order to make their child a better student and learner so that a teacher can teach him.
Tips For Parents From Teachers
Give Your Support: You should support the work and interests of your child. Sometimes, parents just ignore the stupid things that children do or stupid talks and thoughts of the children but you should not do that. It highly discourages their interest in you. You should encourage the good good qualities in your children. And also get to know about his favorite teacher and then also be supportive to the teacher. Let the teacher know that you and your son likes him and he is doing a great work and should keep the same.
Pay Attention And Postulate:Parents should pay attention to their children and keep it that way. We usually see that when the children are in lower classes, then parents seems to do care about them, they attend their meetings, visit their schools but after they grown up, the interest of parents in the study and life of their children seem to be decreased. Which is not good. Children like when you pay your attention to them and you should not ignore them. You should visit their school get to know how is he doing. You should also take interest in knowing about the day of school of your children. Get to know what do he do daily in school, with whom he friends with and also check daily home work dairy and then help your child to complete the home work. You can also fix some specific time to complete all the home work.
Don't Believe Blindly: If your child came out of school and told you that the teacher had beaten him so bad then what will you do? Well, the right approach would be note taking your child's word for the truth. You should call the teacher and let him make his clearance. There is no doubt that your child might be telling the truth but you should not believe him blindly. Because most of the students want to see their teachers in trouble and they will do anything for it.
Be A Good Person: You are the role model for your children. So it is your duty to be good in front of him. Don't talk too silly to some else in front of him. Do not say bad words about teachers in front of him. Be the guy that you want your children to be. Do the stuff and he will follow you naturally.
Although, parenting is a very hard job and it is also very hard for teachers to handle so many students at the same time. But i think these advises from the teachers to the parents will be somewhat useful to you. Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog. I hope you will like it.

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How to Kill Your Stress in School

Reduce Stress in School
Reduce Stress in School
School is a great place to learn new things while having fun. But it is not always the same. School can be very stressful and daunting if you take it in wrong way. As you may know that there are always multiple ways of doing things. For studying in high school, if you do not choose the right path then you will surely make your school time a disaster.
Whether it is a College, University or High School, the students will always have trouble studying there. The tasks given from the school teachers such as Home Work, Assignments may cause some extra stress and can become a burden on your mind. Here are some tips to kill that stress and burden off your mind.
While studying in school, students have all the basic subjects to study and some of them who are athletes or take part in other extracurricular activities will have much more jobs to do. All of this can cause a great tension of stress on your mind. Well, now you don't have to worry about that because i am here with some new tips for you to kill your stress in school. Although, these tips are specifically for high school students as this guide is written for high school students but any student, whether he is studying in some college or university, can also try these tips in order to reduce tension from his mind.

Tips For Students to Reduce Stress

Do Little But Steady: The best thing that a student can do in order to kill the stress is to start early. I mean if you got some assignment to complete by some specific day. Start completing that assignment instantly. Start early and then instead of doing all work on same day, you should divide your task into several parts and then complete it steady. So make a habit of doing something everyday. Such as reading some passage from the book or writing essay daily etc. By taking small units of time on a daily basis, you will end up doing or completing the task what you think was impossible.
Practice; As you may already know that the best rule to success is practice. The more you practice, the more you better become and the more free of mind. If you start practicing your study early, from very first day of school then you will not have to sit hours for study in the days of exams. So start doing some practice of your study. Practice will let you know that you already completed this task and you already know about this stuff, you will be already prepared so you will not have to worry about it.
Exercise: Exercising daily or taking part in sports or extracurricular activities will make your physical and mental health more good and your mind will feel some relaxation thus reducing stress on your mind.Exercise really affects our mind and is very important in the life of a student. It will keep you fit and you will feel much free and relaxed. It is good for the health of both mind and body.
Take Help From Tutors: If you think that you cannot do some work or cannot find solution to some question then ask for help from your teachers, friends or tutors. They will always be happy to help you. Teachers and tutors sometimes make a very hard question a very simple one by making you understand that question thoroughly. Tutors and teachers also got great experience in study profession thus they can also share some tips with you to minimize your stress and enjoy your school time.

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Tips For New College Students

Tips For College Freshman
Tips For College Freshman
Joining a new college and starting your education is not that easy in the beginning. No matter, how old you are or how much experience do you have, you will always have some fear and hesitation in your mind about joining a new college. And in the studies like Engineering and Management, students will also find themselves a lot busy soon after the session starts. Thus they have very small amount of time to get familiar to the environment of the college or university. You also have to fit in the schedules and time table of the classes in your specified course or degree.
Following, i am going to give you some tips specially for new students who have joined the college recently. These tips will surely help you to get yourself familiar with the college and your new environment,
Schedule a Visit: Most of the times, our mind is worried about the place that we are going to visit and live for some of our next years of the college. To minimize the hesitation and stress about the new place, we should schedule a visit to the college and accommodation before settling up there. When visiting the college, we get to learn about the college, students and atmosphere of the college. In the visit, you can also ask any queries to the staff and students there and make your doubts clear. Scheduling a visit can greatly impact your college life, it will make it easy for you to stay in the new home.
Make a Time Table:Making a time table will be much helpful to manage your time more effectively and efficiently in the college. Keep in mind to ask these questions to the faculty related to your classes time table. Know about the exact timings about the classes and labs prior to joining the college. Make your lists and mention all your required tasks. Making a time table will be much of help if you are going to complete some auxiliary tasks also such as Job  or Work.
Participate: Even though, new college or university may be a bit strange thing to you but you should get friendly with it. Participate in college groups, students conversations and in extracurricular activities. This will not only help you in braking your shyness but will also help you in establishing good relationships with other students as well as faculty. These relationships can be really useful for you in the college as you may need a lot help from your staff or students in your studies or in personal life. Participation is also a great way to lose the fear.
Improve Your Reading and Learning Skills: Reading and learning skills are very important for a new admitted student of the college. You are present in the college in order to learn something new and if you do not have good learning and reading skills then you are not going to learn much. In higher studies you have to read a lot of content such as books, research papers etc. So you should have good reading skills. You should know how you can find the important information in a paragraph and skip the rest. If you think that your reading skills are not that good then you should seek for some advice from your class fellow and professors.
Be Free and Happy: No doubt that college is the most important part of your lives and it has great impact on the future of a student. But alongside it is also the time to have some fun. Go play with your friends and enjoy your day. The time that you spend playing or enjoying yourselves won't harm you. In fact, you will feel much better and will come to study with a fresh mind. Don't take too much stress of college work. Just do what the best you can and everything will follow. Being active and taking part in extracurricular activities will also help you to stay healthy.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Why University is Better Than College?

Advantages Of University
Advantages Of University Over College
Most of the high school seniors are thinking about joining college for their graduation or diploma courses. These days, there are many colleges and universities which are providing education to the students. So, students have a lot of options when going to college. But you might stick at the point when it comes to choosing a College or University. Then some of you might think small college, small university or large college or university. While some others might be thinking that size don’t even matter.
Well, the size of the university or college actually matters. And it also matters if you did your bachelor or master degree from a college or university. Universities naturally possess more trust and authority when it comes to education. Although, both small and big colleges and universities have their own pros and cons. But here, in this article, we will be talking only about the advantages of University over a college and why you should join a university instead of joining some college.
Following are some main reasons to go for University instead of college:

  • Authority and Trust: It is obvious that Universities tends to have more authority and trust in education. If you did some course or degree in a university then your chances of getting placed at some great job are more than a person or student who did his course or degree from some college. University naturally got more reputation to its name so do you get that reputation. As you will be a part of that university. There can be many reasons for that. One of the main reasons is that in University, there are lots of projects and researches going on which keeps university’s name on top in the news, so it becomes more recognizable name.
  • Variety of Courses: Due to its large size, In University you will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to choosing a subject or major for your degree. Thus universities possess a variety of courses which enables you to choose any topic of your interest for your degree. You can choose any subject or niche according to your interest such as Engineering, Medical and Management etc. While in college, you are limited to a number of courses.
  • Class Size and Self Improvement: In Universities, the size of classes are much larger than the size of classes in colleges. The number of students in a class is always greater in universities. The colleges possess very small volume per class.As there are more number of students in the university, so you get the chance to live and communicate with variety of people which very helpful for self-improvement. In universities, there are number of students from different countries and nations thus you also got an opportunity to learn about the lives of people from other countries and you also learn about other religions. This greatly improves your personality and also helps in your communication skills. You will be able to kill your fear as you will have to speak and behave in front of a large audience.
  • Good Infrastructures: In university, the infrastructure is more in quantity thus every student gets access to the instruments which enable everyone to learn to use these things in a better way. There also better facilities in other ways such as large amount of books on each subject or topic in library and facility of Computer Labs, Internet connection.
  • Better Staff: It does not possess that much weight but it does at least. The colleges often don’t have that much and that much qualified staff for students while in universities the number of faculty and the quality and experience is also better in university.

These are some advantages of Universities as compared to colleges. Although. There will be some more pros and merits of Universities over colleges but I have mentioned these main advantages only. If you have any tip to share or question to ask then you should ask it via comments.