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Tips on How To Stay Healthy and Fit While Studying in College

Stay Healthy and Fit

Stay Healthy and Fit During Your College Session
Most of you might already have heard this quotation so many times “Health is Wealth”. So, you already know that health is wealth. If you are not healthy or not fit physically then you also cannot do any better in your mind. Your mind and physical health are closely related to each other. You might also have heard that is a healthy body which contains a healthy mind.
So you know all that stuff but still you cannot do anything to get a better physic and fit body. Students of colleges and universities are special victims of health. Due to much stress and spending time on studying and sitting, they end up doing lot harm to their bodies. You can’t find a topper without glasses on his/her eyes while studying.
So, following are some tips for students (guidelines for you) to follow in order to achieve a better body and stay free mind. Mind it that results are not going to come up instantly but you have to put some efforts in it.

How to Stay Healthy & Fit During Study

  • Get Up Early: This is obvious but it is very surprising to see that most of the people are not doing this. The habit of most of us is going to bed late and then getting up late. This screw our whole day. Then in your day time you won’t be that much active and laziness will catch you up. So, you should go to bed early and also try to get up early from the bed. I know for some of you, it might look a bit of hard work and for some may be impossible but after you give it a try you will come to know that how much useful and effective it is. By doing this you will have your work finished much before and will have lot of free time to do your exercise and spend time with family.
  • Make a Time Table and Stick To It: Make a time table in which you devoted some time for your exercise. Half an hour in morning and half an hour in evening will be enough. In that time, you can do anything you want. Whether it is playing some sports or doing Yoga or anything else as long as it lets your body move. 
  • Never Miss A Meal (Specially Breakfast): I have seen many students who get up from bed very late and then go to their college or school without having a breakfast after taking a bath. Note down this in your mind that Breakfast is really important and you should always eat your breakfast, no matter what happens. Actually, Breakfast’s meaning is breaking fast. Your body is starving in the morning time because it hasn’t got any energy till dinner of last time. So you should break your fast by eating well.
    The other meals are also important. The breakfast should be heavier that means you should have plenty of food in morning,  then little less in noon and then much less in night. Your dinner should be the least part of your total meals.
  • Drink A Lot Of Water: Our body is made of tissues and almost 70% of water. Thus water is very necessary for the proper work of our body. That is why you should be drinking a lot of water. It also helps you in development of your brain so that your mind can perform better.

These are some tips to stay healthy during your study time in college or university. Please let us know your thoughts via comments. Feel free to ask or share your own experiences or tips for other readers.

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